Materials and Feedback from April 7, 2022 Open House at Wasatch High School

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Community Feedback

Comments regarding options for addressing growth:

  • Grade reconfiguration sounds great. Especially for 9th grade mental health
  • Grade reconfiguration sounds terrible. No way 5th and 9th graders together
  • Ditto (as response to Grade reconfiguration sounds terrible. No way 5th and 9th graders together)
  • I’m for new facilities
  • Year-round was considered for elementary, but what about a tri-mester for the high school?
  • Current 9-12 configuration is superior for student choice of electives
  • Why doesn’t year-round school work for high school?
  • Love the 9th grade in the high school. Keep it!
  • Ditto (as response to Love the 9th grade in the high school. Keep it!)

Comments regarding Elementary School options:

  • Midway-
    • Renovate existing elementary school
    • Build 2nd elem. School (2 schools)
  • Building new elementary school in Midway sooner
  • New school sooner than 2025? Is there budget for remodeling Midway and new high school?
  • 6th grade belongs in elementary school. 7,8,9 in Jr high
  • No boundary adjustments until new school. Just portables.
  • School near Hideout?
  • K-5 elem, 6-8 middle, 9-12 HS is the best school layout
  • Build new elementary school
    • Move 6th to elementary
    • Move 9th to junior high

Comments regarding Middle School options:

  • Please start planning for building a new middle school sooner
  • Keep MS 6-8. Better for SEL. 100%
  • Return 5 and 6 grades to elementary school
  • No 6th grade in elementary school
  • Make middle school 7,8,9
  • Build new elementary school and move 6th to elementary
  • I like the MS recommendations that are listed

Comments regarding High School options:

  • Please build new building and keep 9-12 configuration
  • The population will double in 10-15 years to 80K. A single HS cannot support 100% more students. The longer we wait the higher the cost will be. Time to start now.
  • A new high school is long overdue
  • Make a boys high school and a girls high school
  • If/when building a new high school, at least make it a similar size as the current high school, not smaller
  • Is there a more efficient layout/design that would be less expensive but have ~2K enrollment?
  • Schools that meet the needs of the kids
  • Kids learn better in person (usually) rather than online.
  • Build new HS 10 years ago!
  • Build 2 new high schools 800-1200 each cap
  • It is time to put the children first. Build the new schools!
  • Way overdue… build another school now!
  • I agree that a new high school is needed, but how do you create tradition at a new school when Wasatch High has 100+ years of tradition?
  • Build 2nd high school as soon as possible, Thanks!
  • Please!! Build a second high school
  • Build a new high school on top of the current high school
  • Build 2nd high school near college on free land to serve greatest growth area. 2nd HS could be art-centered. Let parents decide where to send kids.
  • Return 9th grade to middle school
  • Current HS is at/over capacity. Every day we wait for the obvious solution. Price goes up.
  • A new high school at least as big
  • Split session: 7:00-12:00, 12:30- 5:30

General questions & comments:

  • What is the cost to design a new high school vs keeping the existing architecture/design? Can you show multiple designs and the potential cost of construction?
  • You show rankings vis a vis state of Utah. How do we compare nationally? How do we compare $$/student?
  • Thank you for this open house! So helpful!
  • This H.S. should be expanded right now and get it done asap. It will most likely pass.
  • Change impact fees
  • Same! (as response to Change impact fees)
  • No kids in portable classrooms
  • Attract more seniors to Wasatch County. More taxes paid and no new students
  • 73% of our property tax goes to our schools. Jordan District and Murray District are 55% or less. Why is our District paying more in property tax for WCSD, compared to the rest of Utah School District?

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